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Radteb Naghsheh Jahan
No. 44 2nd Jami Street,Dolatabad Industrial Town Isfahan
Array export2@radteb.com

Radteb Naghsheh Jahan

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Information about the company

Industries in which the firm operates

Hospital Furniture, Medical Equipment

Adress and contact information:

Isfahan, No. 44 2nd Jami Street,Dolatabad Industrial Town,



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Information about the company

Radtab Naghsheh Jahan Specialized Production Company, with more than half a century of involvement, is dynamic within the generation of healing center items and gear. The thought of ‚Äč‚Äčexpanding the scope of action and capturing a bigger share of the showcase was crystallized in 2007 and 2008 with the alter of approach and reorganization of the board of chiefs, a huge leap was made within the generation of different items of this company. In later a long time, Radtab has put the part of the world, predominant quality and quick administrations at the cutting edge of its exercises, and with cautious arranging and taking advantage of the ceaseless advancement approach, has been able to extend the assortment of its items day by day whereas making strides the quality concurring to client needs. At the show, the total run of the clinic and hospital steel hardware offers more than 100 sorts of items in its item portfolio.


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