How to start a wholesale business?

Published: 22-06-2023

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Whether you are currently a trade professional or a young entrepreneur looking to start your own wholesale distributorship, the right strategic plan as well as its execution will help you build a profitable business. 


The basic steps you need to take are:


  1. Find a reliable supplier. 

  2. Select a product you would like to market. 

  3. Connect with the manufacturer.

  4. Order product samples. 

  5. Agree on the order details - negotiate the minimum purchase quantity, FOB price (freight on board), and all additional fees. Sign a contract.

  6. Find a freight forwarder and customs broker to get the stock to your country.

  7. Market your product. Create a strategic positioning plan. Your own website as well as social media campaign would be helpful.

  8. Maintain the selling flow. Analyze sales metrics and iterate your business plan.


Your role as a wholesale distributor is to create a stable supply chain. Starting with the sourcing through the delivery of items to the end consumer. 


On you can easily find a highly reputable Chinese supplier. Online B2B directory minimizes the risk to be scammed by manufacturers. After the registration, each company is verified to make sure they are a legitimate business. Easy search allows to quickly access product offerings and seller’s contact information.

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