How B2B portals function?

Published: 06-07-2020

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A trade portal is a unique selling platform for manufacturers, sellers, and distributors. Listing your business on such website is a great opportunity to establish connections with overseas buyers. This can help advertise your company and expand into global trade. 

Moreover, by giving potential clients access to product information, a company can reduce operational costs in the supply chain process.


Advertising your company 

B2B trade websites like contain information about thousands of suppliers from various industries and offer a possibility to create business partnerships thereby generating millions of dollars in sales every year.

The idea of a B2B portal is very simple. Buyers from all over the world can search for information about products and services from the Asian region and get in touch with the manufacturer directly. 


Sourcing products


The advantages of using B2B platforms for business include secure and effortless souring. Listed companies usually have to pass the verification process before their information appears on the webpage. Trade portals have strict policies and check the company’s background and product certification.


Verified manufacturers, sellers, and distributors can add their products with prices along with the complete profile information. Another great feature of the B2B portal for business is that users can review products and companies, and provide valuable feedback.


Business visibility 

Each business aims to increase sales and acquire new customers. One of the ways to build a strong connection with buyers is online advertising. A trade portal provides constant visibility to a large number of web page visitors.

B2B online platform allows businesses to reach out to a global audience. This helps them generate sales, diversify the client base, and establish their business as a global brand.

A customized profile on a B2B trade portal is a particularly advantageous solution for small and medium businesses. They don’t have to invest a lot of time, effort, and money, to gain online visibility and establish a web presence for products/ services. Moreover, these platforms also are optimized for SEO that can help them rank better.

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