A brief guide to finding a manufacturer in China

Published: 28-05-2020

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The key to your business success is to work with only verified and trusted partners.


Looking for suppliers who manufacture the product you are looking for can be very time-consuming. A general Google, Badoo, or Yahoo search can not provide the full information about a specific company. However, using a B2B platform may be very helpful.

Online sourcing portals like AsiaNavigator.com connect buyers to manufacturers helping to find a reliable business partner.

Professional sourcing agents assist you with identifying suppliers, saving your time and travel costs, and helping your business grow.


There are thousands of companies in China, and the first step on the search for a specialist you require is to shortlist your needs. You can specify which products you are looking for in a particular industry. Consider your minimum order quantity and materials you expect from the manufacturer.


Secondly, take a look at the certificates and accreditation details of the supplier. Technical proficiency as well as the production abilities of a factory are also verified by skilled sourcing agents. In a current situation when traveling across the globe to trade fairs and exhibitions is limited, it is highly important to learn new ways to build business connections.


Finally, take a closer look at your product’s life cycle. Think about the potential manufacturing issues and specify your expectations from a supplier. Establish a clear communication, so a manufacturer could address your individual needs.


Outsourcing from trustworthy Chinese suppliers can have a great impact on reducing your production costs. Therefore, it is highly important to invest in long-term business relationships and use the resources available to manage your supply chain needs.

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