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Shaboom toys creative was founded in early 2010.we are a brand new toy manufacturer.In early 2007,when the design team we had studio business model, toys for creative design, development and research. Our toy design is not only targeted at children to develop but also including adults. Therefore, the design direction of our toys must be some pop culture around the world converge.
Shaboom toy company in our creative development and design of toys is not just it. we also manufacture toy factory. We combined many of the manufacturing field, including electronic design, mold development, image color and toy assembly etc. and we provide complete efficient production process for the manufacture of toys, the quality of some checks.
Our toys will be in our official online as well as several of the B2B website presents a complete. if you interest in any of our buyers and the need for any of the information, welcome the buyers feel free to contact us.

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