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Company: Power-Tech Keyboard Switch Co., Ltd.
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Item Number.: Flexible Printed Circuit Description: SINGLE/DOUBLE SIDE FPC.MULTILAYER FPC. FLEXIBLE RIGID FPC. POLYESTER/POLYIMIDE:1/2-MIl, 1-Mil, 3-Mil, 4-Mil, 5-Mil, 6-Mil. IPC-FC-250A STANDARD. Specification: MATERIALS POLYIMIDE(KAPTON) POLYESTER(PET) TEST METHOD 1~6 (Rigid-Flex &mulitiplayer FPC) 1~2 Track width Spacing Single Sided 0.100mm Double Sided 0.125mm Hole Diameter Drilling(P.T.H.) 0.30mm Punrching 0.50mm Dimension Tolerance Conductor Width (W) 0.03mm W = Hole Diameter (H) 0.05mm(With P.T.H 0.10mm) H = Accumulated Pithch(p) 0.05mm(Between Conductor) P = Outoine Dimension(L) 0.10mm L = Conductors and Outline(C) 0.15mm C = Conductor And Coverlet 0.3~0.5mm Surface Treatment on Terminals and land Area Soft Hard Ni/Au (Au: 0.05~1.25m) Snip(2~m) Primary Flux Carbon Printed(4~10pm/Less Than 5) H.A.L (For Polyimide Only) Insulation Resistance 1000M IPC-TM-650 2,6,3,2 At Ambient Dielectric Strength 5KV IPC-TM-650 2,5,6,1. Surface Resistance() 51012 21015 IPC-TM-650 2,5,17. Volume Resistively(- cm) 1101 1101 IPC-TM-650 2,5,17. Dielectric Constant (1 MHz) 4.0 3.0 MIL-P-55617 Dissipation Factor(1 MHz) 0.04 0.03 MIL-P-55617 Peeling Stength (180oDirection) 1.0kgf/cm 1.2kgf/cm IPT-TM-650 2,4,9. Solder Heat Resistance 300oC/10 secs 210oC/10 secs Flammability 94 v-0 94 VTM-0 UL94 Water Absorption 2.9% ASTM D570%(24H)

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