Fireproof lightweight mgo board for light steel frame constructions( WY-12048 )


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Item Number.: WY-12048 Product Name: Fireproof lightweight mgo board for light steel frame constructions Description: WELLYOUNG Fireproof MgO Board is a new-type green decorative board which is processed by special production process. It is used modified magnesia cement as the basic material,glass fiber cloth as the reinforced material, and light-weight material as the stuffing. Features: Features of magnesium oxide board: WATER RESISTANCE Magnesium oxide inherently has very low water absorption and any moisture is naturally expelled. There is also no deterioration from freeze/thaw cycles. MOLD RESISTANCE Since MgO board will not hold moisture, and since there is nothing within the product to act as a food source, the product will not support mold growth. The same applies to insects. VERSATILITY Whether used on its own as a sheathing, wallboard or underlayment, or in conjunction with other building materials such as plywood, OSB or drywall, it can add tremendous value. MgO has an unlimited number of uses. Fire retardant plywood and OSB, demising walls and insulated exterior wall panels are some of the initial products that offer enormous performance-to-value propositions. FIRE RESISTANCE Magnesium oxide boards are essentially non combustible, with a flame spread of ZERO and a smoke development of ZERO. These properties make it highly effective either standing alone as a sheathing / underlayment or when laminated to other materials. IMPACT RESISTANCE While having the appearance and texture of cement or stone, magnesium oxide board has excellent flexure and tensile properties. All of these properties combine to produce a board with vastly superior impact resistance. Specification: Item Size Thickness weight Quantity/20GP(pallet packing) 1 1220*2440mm 3mm 10kg 1800pcs 2 1220*2440mm 4mm 14kg 1300pcs 3 1220*2440mm 6mm 18kg 1080pcs 4 1220*2440mm 8mm 24kg 808pcs 5 1220*2440mm 10mm 28kg 648pcs 6 1220*2440mm 12mm 34kg 540pcs Other 1: Appilications for mgo boad: In many applications, MgO boards can be used in the same ways as gypsum and Portland cement sheathings. The substitution is not fully direct in terms of sheet thicknesses, fastening methods and joint treatments, but is very similar. This makes MgO board an easy product to use. The possible uses of MgO board are vast, and some of them include:Firewalls. Partitions.Structural sheathing for wood or metal stud walls.Shower stall tile backer board.Facings for structural panels engineered to use MgO as the facing.Shaft liners.Ceilings.Soffits.Fascia.Substrates for coatings and insulated systems Payment Details: Payment Terms : T/T Minimum Order : 400 Delivery Details : Lead Time : 25 Days FOB Port : Nantong/zhangjiagang/Shanghai : Packing:pallets packing 

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