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Item Number.: Product Name: Steam turbine bearing manufacturer China Description: Steam turbine bearing is one of the key components of steam turbine. Under the lubrication and cooling of circulating lubricating oil, it supports the heavy-duty and high-speed turbine rotor. ZSnSb11Cu6 tin-based alloy, compared with all Babbitt alloys, ZSnSb11Cu6 has the smallest coefficient of linear expansion, thermal conductivity is 30% ~ 60% larger than lead-based alloy, which has the highest corrosion stability and anti-fatigue strength, suitable for the operation on a shaft with a particularly high load and moderate hardness of about HB300. Therefore, babbitt bearings are widely used in steam turbines as bearing pads for rotor-supported bearings. Our factory process, repair and retread all types of steam turbine bearings according to customer's drawings. The OEM and ODM customization services are provided. Features: Quality quality: Products have been exported to Russia, Australia, Turkey, India and other countries, export quality, quality assurance. Welcome customers and major traders to conduct business cooperation. Specification: Specification model: All products such as the bearing ring gear can be customized according to the customer's actual requirements and accurate drawings. Safety/Quality Approvals: ISO9001 Other 1: Contact us: Tel: 18642196671 (WeChat) Email: Country of Origin: China  Main Export Markets: Worldwide  Payment Details: Payment Terms : TT Minimum Order : 1 Sets Others : TT 30% in advance, 70% against the BL copy  Delivery Details : Lead Time : 45 Days FOB Port : Dalian

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