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Item Number.: Product Name: Polyester Spiral Dryer Fabrics Description: Polyester Spiral Dryer Fabrics Introduction: Spiral monofilament mesh is a kind of synthetic filter cloth fiber belt widely used in dewatering elements. It works well as cloth for membrane plates, cloth with sealed edges and/or reinforcements and under screen cloth for drainage filter press. The special spiral wire mesh is characterised by high reliability, easy handling, thermal and chemical resistance, dimensional stability, high dry-film lubricant content, extremely smooth surface, low friction coefficient and a low level of adhesion. Typical applications can be found in ecological wastewater treatment and the fiber board industry. We supply Polyester Mesh Monofilament Conveyor Belting in a wide variety of yarn thicknesses and apertures. Product Structures: Spiral carrying belt is composed with monofilament mesh fabric and connection joints. PU and PVC plied conveyor belting are also supplied for a variety of applications. Spiral belt is a kind of heat set mesh screen made with 100% polyester monofilament. The mesh belts are connected spirals by use of cross wires. The spirals contain filling wires to fix the open areas. Normally, Spiral Mesh Belt is composed with three types of wires: cross wire, spiral wire and filling wire. The strong polyester fibres provide excellent stability, excellent chemical, thermal and high permeability for ease of cleaning. The polyester fabric can be used in hot, wet and humid conditions, typically in the presence of steam, its working temperature can reach +150°C to -75°C in dry conditions. 70°C+ in wet conditions. Edges and Connections: We supply spiral belts in typically blue and white versions with a 2mm square aperture which allows for fast and efficient water drainage. The belts edges are reinforced with either PU or PVC, or special treatment to prevent the yarns from fraying and falling in to the products. The jointing mechanism of the belts is very important for the conveying and dehydration property. We manufacture a number of joint ways ranging from metallic clipper types to integrated spirals. Tracking guides can also be fitted to the inside face of the belts edges to endless or with a stainless steel fastener for ease of fitting. A range of PES filled and unfilled meshes are manufactured. Mesh belts can also be fitted with flights, sidewalls and, or guides as per customers specifications. Applications: Spiral belts are mainly used in filtration or separation applications for municipal projects for example waste water treatment, and various sludge belt press liquid filtration applications. Our products are suitable for most mechanical dewatering cases of various materials. - Dewatering of inert sludge from quarries or mines; - Dewatering of biological or chemical sludge from municipality sewage plants; - Pressing of grapes, fruit and others; - Fruit and vegetable cleaning; - Textile drying belt; - Manufacture and process of Papers, Particle Board, Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Hardboard & Wood Veneer processes and for the manufacture of ceiling tiles. Material Properties: Advantages of our spiral belts are focusing on: strength, flat surface, good air permeability, stable property against heat and moisture, low thermal shrinking, less elongation at heat and a long lifespan. Features & Benefits: - High strength - Stable under high tension  - High resistance against abrasion - Can be made on size on site - Seamless - the seam has exactly the same strength of the belt - Can be repaired easily on site - Durability, smoothness and good dirt release - Filled or unfilled to achieve different filtration characteristics with excellent air permeability  - Sealed edges for lasting, economical solutions - No adhesion - Excellent chemical resistance - Low coefficient of friction Country of Origin: China  Main Export Markets: Europe, America, South Asia, Southeast Asia  Payment Details: Payment Terms : T/T Delivery Details : Lead Time : by quantity Days FOB Port : tianjin, shanghai, qingdao

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