Maltogenic Amylase Softness Bakery Enzyme( Sofresh 2000 )


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Item Number.: Sofresh 2000 Product Name: Maltogenic Amylase Softness Bakery Enzyme Description: An amylolytic enzyme preparation for cereal food use as dough/bread improver or the treatment of flours, containing maltogenic amylase derived from a selected strain of a bacterium. Features: Efficacies: 1. Better browning (" gold" ) crust ColorIncreases baking volume 2. Reduces the fermentation Process time 3. Uniquely preserves softness and Resiliency 4. Ensures freshness that extends the shelf-life 5. Increases baking volume Specification: Appearance: Yellow to Brown Powder Origin: Bacillus subtilis Application: Bread improver, Dietary Supplements, Animal Feed Total Aerobic Plate Count: 50,000 CFU/g max Coliforms: 30 CFU/g max Escherichia Coli Negative in 10 g Salmonella Negative in 25 g Antibiotic activity None Detected Safety/Quality Approvals: FCC,FDA,ISO

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